Frequently Asked Questions

How many players can I have on the field?
8 aside (under 8's - Opens) (under 6's 5 aside)

In Mixed, how many males and females are allowed on the field?
minimum of four (4) females on the field maximum of four (4) males on the field.

Where are your competitions played?
North Narrabeen Reserve Walsh Street end, Narrabeen on Wednesday nights, Spring/Winter (seniors ) Keirle Park Pittwater Road Manly Tuesday nights, Juniors Spring/Summer only( seniors)

What time are games played?

Seniors (Rat Park, Keirle Park & Reub Hudson 6.30pm-9.30pm (lights out 9.30pm sharp)
Junior EagleTag - 4pm-6.30pm
Actual Time slots will vary depending on number of teams in competition.

How much is it to register?
Seniors (Full Season) - $125 Seniors
Seniors (Short Season) - $90
Juniors - $90

When do I need to pay my registration fees?
All players must pay their registration fees before taking the field. Any player who plays without paying their registration is not covered by insurance and risks losing all competition points for all teams in which they play

Are there any other forms I need to fill out besides the Team Registration Form?
No, all team members need to register online INDIVIDUALLY to their team. If you have problems registering please EMAIL US. If you require a payment plan, contact us before the season starts and not after your team has been kicked out of the competition for non compliance

Do we need to buy Uniform?
All players must wear approved Shorts or Tights. They are available from the Control Room for $30. All teams must wear the same coloured/style of shirt and be individually numbered. Teams have until Round 3 to be compliant before penalties are applied. We can help organise uniforms for you.

Do we need to bring our own ball and sets of tags?
No, the referee will bring out a crate to his/her field which contains a game ball and two sets of tags.

If I get injured what do I need to do?
First report it to the referee so he can write the injury on his card, second come and see the front desk to fill out the injury report sheet and receive some first aid or ice (if needed), then go see a doctor and let us know either by phone, email or coming down to see us at the desk what the extent of your injury is and if you will need to make an insurance claim.

How do I know if games are still on if it’s raining?
Games are on at all times until an announcement is made on our Facebook page. This announcement will be made as soon as Council closes the ground. This is generally between 3pm-5pm. Please do not ring us - wait until you see the announcement on our Facebook page NO ANNOUNCEMENT MEANS GAMES ARE ON

Am I allowed to wear a hat whilst playing?

What is not permitted to be worn?
No jewellery is to be worn, this includes watches, big earrings, necklaces, bracelets etc. You must also on;y be wearing approved playing Shorts. We can also provide contact for suppliers if you wish to order shirts. All playing shorts must be approved by the COM before being ordered. New teams are not to wear BLACK, DARK BLUE, NAVY BLUE or WHITE SHIRTS.

What happens if I show up without my uniform?
If you don’t have the same coloured shirt and/or number on the back your team will give a point to the opposition for each person out of uniform. During Semi and Grand Finals, if you don’t have the correct uniform you cannot take the field. If you forget your shorts, you can hire a pair for $5 and a security deposit. The item will be returned when you return the shorts.

How do I register a Team?
Head over to 'Register Now' for all information regarding registration.
We are available to help with Registrations just contact us to sort out a time.

I am an individual wanting to play EagleTag, can I be put in a team?
Yes, We will do our best to find you a team, but it does take time to do this. We cant take responsibilty if the team doesn't suit you, we try hard to make sure the team created will suit all individuals. Just contact the competition coordinator by email and they will help you find a team. We will also create teams so everyone gets a chance to play our game.

How many divisions are there in EagleTag?
It depends on how many teams there are. There can be any where from 1-5 division in mixed and men's.

If I have a question, comment or feedback (positive or negative) about the competition, referees or a team/player who do I contact?
SEND US AN EMAIL - we are always open to all sorts of constructive criticism. We are always interested in anything our participants have to say to improve the competition or get positive feedback so please pass it onto us.

I want to get involved and work with Manly Warringah Oztag, how do I go about doing that? 
Email the Competition Operations Manager to enquire about becoming part of the Manly EagleTag Team!